The recreation institution Velke Ostre - Radola
Ski club Kysucke Nove Mesto
The recreation institution is situated near to the oldest town in Kysuce to Kysucke Nove Mesto, that falls into the region of Javorniky and Kysucka vrchovina.
The recreation centre is situated 550m above sea levelon the south side of the mountain Velke Ostre.The environment around the recreation centre offers abundant opportunities for sport and leasure e.g. it has a large meadow in the proximity of recreation centre surrounded by the pine and spruce growth, tennis- court or many nature trails (pavements) in the environment suitable for hiking and cycling.
In the winter period the recreation centre offers excellent conditions for the downhill and cross country skiing. Near to the recreation centre there are two ski-tows and many running tracks offering enjoyable physical activities and the oppportunity to experience the beautiful countryside of Kysuce.
As for the culture and historical memories we commend the visit of castle in Radoľa with the steady exposition of Kysuce history, the museum of Kysuce village in Vychylovka with the historic steam railway.
We offer:
• Skiing, snowboarding • Hiking
• Rent a ski • Mountain bikes
• Ski service (waxing, sharpening, service ) • Tennis-court
• Ski school • Accommodation in bungalows for 6-8 peoples

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